Diving deep with Prodigy recipes

import prodigy@prodigy.recipe(
dataset=("Dataset to save answers to", "positional", None, str),
view_id=("Annotation interface", "option", "v", str)
def my_custom_recipe(dataset, view_id="text"):
# Load your own streams from anywhere you want
stream = load_my_custom_stream()
def update(examples):
# This function is triggered when Prodigy receives annotations
print(f"Received {len(examples)} annotations!")
return {
"dataset": dataset,
"view_id": view_id,
"stream": stream,
"update": update
prodigymy-custom-recipemy_dataset--view-id text-F recipe.py


feedback.jsonl{"text": "Thanks for your great work – really made my day!"}
{"text": "Worst experience ever, never ordering from here again."}
{"text": "My order arrived last Tuesday."}



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