Data Analyst or Data Scientist?

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Differences and Similarities

Roles and Responsibilities

Data Analysts:

  • Data querying using SQL.
  • Data analysis and forecasting using Excel.
  • Creating dashboards using business intelligence software.
  • Performing various descriptive, diagnostic, predictive or prescriptive analytics.

Data Scientists:

  • A data scientist may spend up to 60% of their time scrubbing data.
  • Data mining using APIs or building ETL pipelines.
  • Data cleaning using programming languages .
  • Statistical analysis using machine learning algorithms such as natural language processing, logistic regression, kNN, Random Forest or gradient boosting.
  • Creating programming and automation techniques, such as libraries, that simplify day-to-day processes using tools like Tensorflow to develop and train machine learning models.
  • Developing big data infrastructures using Spark and tools such as Pig and Hive.

Job Market

Career Growth

Data Science student @Flatiron-School

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Data Science student @Flatiron-School

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